In NFTs, We’re Not All Gonna Make It

Thursday 13th January, 2022 - Bruce Sterling

Wagmi Fallacy
by Nimrod Kamer

January 10th, 2022

How to tame your Web 3 ego while not losing it on Discord

Don’t buy art you like, only art you can get rid of.

10% of us are builders. The other 90% should just Connect Wallet and chill.

Buy JPGs with an active floor. Don’t buy rare ones.

Never get attached to a pfp—they’re just a bunch of traits.

Ignore a pfp project if all animals look the same.

List everything at 2 ETH above floor. Sell and buy the floor again, in perpetuity.

Never de-list, unless it’s to re-list at a higher price. Listed items are less likely to get stolen.

If you have zero ETH in your wallet, a hacker would have to send you ETH to be able to pay for gas to move JPGs out.

No one is early. You’re probably late. Chasing whitelists on Discord is pointless.

Buy new projects via OpenSea/LooksRare on drop day, pre-reveal.

Generative art is for idealists. It has no active floor, no mass appeal.

Twitter is sufficient for this space. Deactivate Discord.

Never create your own pfp collection. It’s tedious and exhausting.

Buy shitcoins such as $LINK, $SHIB or $MAGIC so you can easily see how bad they’re doing and screenshot it. Avoid Polygon, Immutable X and all other layers.

Buy wholesome pfps (Doodles, Cool Cats) as well as hideous ones (Mutants, Gutter Cats)….