How to buy NFT art on Hic et Nunc (back in March 2021)

Thursday 1st July, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

*We are not recommending that you actually buy NFT art from any of the numerous platforms (although Hic et Nunc is the most interesting.  However,  if you want some idea of how people do it, this is one of the methods.

*Currently, Hic et Nunc got hacked and its users are selling and buying art with a completely different method.  Don’t expect anything in the world of blockchains to be stable.


Guide to Buying NFTs on Hic et Nunc

March 15, 2021


Collecting art is like falling down a rabbit hole of excitement and inspiration. New markets offer anyone to become a collector at an affordable price point. All you need is a couple of hops

. Let this little outline guide you in making your collection!

Firstly, we’ll need to equip you with tez, the cryptocurrency used to buy and sell on the Tezos blockchain that Hic et Nunc is built on (it has the symbol XTZ). After you have tez, you can create a wallet that will serve to keep all your collection and enable you to transact on Hic et Nunc.

Once those two steps are done, you are ready to collect from the most exciting and innovative artists in this new ecosystem! For Hic et Nuc we recommend Chrome.

Getting tez

To acquire tez you’ll need an account on a digital currency exchange platform. We will use one of the largest as an example –  Coinbase – but any exchange that supports Tezos will work.

Step 1) Create your Coinbase account here.

Step 2) Have everything set up with your Coinbase? Now log into your account, and click on ‘BUY/SELL’ in the top right corner to pick a payment method…. (et cetera, et cetera)