Holly Herndon creates her digital NFT vocal alter ego, Holly+

Wednesday 14th July, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

*This is rather difficult to explain, so I think I’ll just link to some of the documentation.


I’m excited to finally share something I have been working on for the last year? Holly+

I am releasing Holly+ in collaboration with Never Before Heard Sounds, the first tool of many to allow for others to make artwork with my voice, and will distribute ownership of my digital likeness through the creation of the Holly+ DAO ?

My voice is precious to me! It is 1 of 1 ?

Voice Models, in combination with machine learning technology, already allow for anyone to clone a voice to generate music and media, and the opportunities and complications inherent to these techniques will only intensify!

This development raises novel questions about voice ownership that I think can be addressed by DAO governance ?

I plan to decentralize access, decision making and profits made from my digital twin, Holly+ ?

Profits made from the commercial usage of my digital likeness will be ingested by the DAO, who are able to vote on new tool creation, and approve official usage of my twin, Holly+ ?‍♀️

I will soon be launching a Zora auction house to sell approved works made with my likeness ?‍⚖️

Who am I?

I’m an artist and composer ?‍? who has been working with machine learning for many years. My last album PROTO(4AD,2019) was the first to utilize singing neural networks, and I completed my Doctorate at Stanford’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, where my research focus was on the interplay between machine learning and the voice, and the implications of this technology for IP and vocal sovereignty?‍?

Some AI models already know who I am! Here are some images spawned from my likeness using OpenAI’s CLIP model ?… (etc etc)