Hi, Seditioner

Wednesday 24th August, 2022 - Bruce Sterling

Hi Seditioner,

We have recently opened several new avenues to ensure you can stay connected with us, no matter your preferred platform.

Discord is a social platform very popular among gamers and the NFT community. Sedition’s Discord is the place where you can engage with artists, collectors and NFT aficionados directly.

In addition, Sedition’s NFT announcements are made first in our Discord server – before they are shared anywhere else. If you want to be ahead of everyone else to know which Sedition artworks are going to become NFTs – and any other relevant news – join our Discord.

Lately we’ve been much more active on Twitter.

Twitter Spaces is where we host Sedition’s AMAs with artists as well as our Director Rory Blain. We also tweet all our artwork announcements and lots of updates from events. If you’re into the blue bird social drama and not yet following Sedition, go ahead and join our community.

Okay, Instagram needs no introduction and we’ve been on the platform for years now.

Make sure to follow us there, so you will not miss out on news about artwork launches, snippets of videos that we release and other fun updates! We’re also posting stories regularly.

A new addition to the suite of platforms where Sedition can be found is Medium. Medium is an online publishing platform and it’s perfect for those of you who prefer to enjoy longer form content.

On Sedition’s Medium you will find content that you will not encounter on our other platforms. On Medium, we post Meet the Team articles, reports on events that Sedition is involved in, articles to tell you more about Sedition’s stance on NFTs and so much more!

While Sedition has had a YouTube account for a while now, until recently, we’ve only been using Vimeo for publishing our video content.

If you prefer YouTube over Vimeo, you can now enjoy Sedition’s new educational videos and artist interviews on our YouTube.

The newcomer to Sedition’s suite of social media accounts is TikTok.

Looking to brighten up your feed with a touch of Sedition art? Follow us on TikTok to stay tuned.