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Thursday 4th August, 2022 - Bruce Sterling

Dear friends of HEK,

Wow, what a summer! The sun is shining non-stop and the cool Rhine water is a blessing for both the body and soul. If you’re looking for a less wet way to cool off, then HEK is the right place to be. The current exhibition «Emmanuel Van der Auwera: Seeing is Revealing» is open until 07.08.2022. Luckily for you, the last day of the exhibition falls on a Happy Sunday (free admission) and there is also a final chance to take part in a guided tour of the exhibition on the same day.

After this, the next exhibition will be opening near the start of September. This doesn’t mean we don’t have an eventful August program for you though! On the contrary, there is a lot going on at the HEK:

The workshop room will become a podcast studio in August. From 08.08-12.08.2022 (Monday to Friday), Roland Fischer and Ben Kazcor offer a DIY guide to conceptualising and realising experimental and disruptive podcasts. This hands-on workshop is part of the CAS «Art can» at the Institute Arts and Design Education (IADE) of the FHNW. For more information, call +41 61 228 40 88 or click here.

For the bookworms among you, we are hosting a Silent Reading Rave on Saturday and Sunday, 13. & 14.08.2022, on our outdoor platform. If you preference is visual communication, then the Complainers and Killjoys: Criticizing the Art World through Memes Workshop on Saturday 20.08.2022 is for you! Developed and hosted by meme-researcher Idil Galip, Harley Aussoleil of COVEN Berlin, and Cem A. of meme page freeze_magazine, this will certainly be a delectable banquet of dank memes. For our young up-and-coming coders: explore creative applications of technology and coding at the BitFabrik programming club on Saturday 27.08.2022.

Since the summer weeks always seem to rush by quickly, we would like to already draw your attention to our upcoming exhibition. On Friday, 02.09.2022, we will open the international group exhibition «Earthbound – In Dialogue with Nature» at 19:00 which will be welcomed in by Carine Bachmann, Director of the Federal Office of Culture. This will be followed by the performance piece Atmospheric Forest by Rasa Smite, followed by a party to dance and celebrate together. The bistro genusswerk&co will spoil you with delicacies from the grill to keep you going through the evening. This exhibition presents artists who encourage reflection on pressing environmental issues, particularly on the complex relationship between human activity and the ecosystem. More to follow shortly.

Finally, we are jumping in at the deep end…after a forced Instagram break of almost a month due to a cyber attack, we are back online under a new handle @hek.basel. We dive in head first with HEK Net Works and the Internet phenomenon of the cat with an Instagram based work by Eva & Franco Mattes. We look forward to following, interacting and sharing with our Instagram community again – because our work only makes sense with you!

In this spirit, we wish you all the best for the rest of summer, stay cool!
Your HEK Team ❤️?

HEK in August: