Handy Geng and his studio

Friday 25th February, 2022 - Bruce Sterling

*Geng Shuai or “Handy Geng” is a Chinese video “influencer” from Dinxing county in the Hebei province of China. His comical contraptions have been a popular hit, so in this YouTube video, he gives a tour of his new Maker entertainment space.

*Handy Geng does rather a lot of electronics hacking, especially as comedians go.

*You’ll notice the ‘first order of accessibility” arrangement of his tools, so that they’re fully visible to the eye, and also the camera.

*When you’re turning professional as a Maker supported by an audience, “making” a studio in full view of the audience seems to be a major rite of passage.

Ultimate Dream WORKSHOP! 新工作室終於完工了!來看看搭建過程【手工耿Handy Geng 】