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Betreff: Open Call 2023 / Vašulka Kitchen Brno
Datum: Tue, 13 Dec 2022 17:17:44 +0100
Von: Vasulka Kitchen

Brno Artists in Residence in collaboration with Vašulka Kitchen Brno / Open Call 2023

Brno Artists in Residence and Vašulka Kitchen Brno is pleased to announce the commencement of an international Open Call for artists or theoreticians working in the field of new media for the autumn term of 15 September 2023 through 15 November 2023.
Please send your applications by 28 February 2023.

Brno Artists in Residence (BAiR) has been receiving artists-in-residence since 2016 and is a key constituent of the Brno House of Arts conceptual framework. A top floor of the House of the Lords of Kunštát has been refurbished to accommodate the residency program, providing facilities for the accomodation and work by artists in three studios.
Center of New Media Art – Vašulka Kitchen Brno (VKB) was established in 2018 as a place for research, artistic experiment and informal education in the field of new media art. It consists of the archive of Woody and Steina Vašulkas and a permanent exhibition of their selected works. VKB organizes events and supports new media art production aimed at commemorating and developing the artistic and philosophical legacy of the Vašulkas, pioneers in new media art with personal ties to Brno.

General Information on the Residency Program

The VKB residency program serves to build on the legacy and oeuvre of the Vašulkas by reflecting contemporary approaches and discourse. We offer various platforms for the exchange and development of discussions on the historical and contemporary form of new media art and its application in the interdisciplinary field of Art and Technology. The Brno Artists in Residence and Vašulka Kitchen Brno support the realization of diverse contemporary artistic projects and favor collaborative approaches that reflect plurality and openness.

VKB’s 2023 resident will be granted access to our Center of New Media Art, its digital archive, reference library, and be provided the opportunity to present their work to professional and public audiences. Residents are encouraged to cooperate with our institutional partners including the Faculty of Fine Arts, Technical University of Brno and the Theory of Interactive Media, Masaryk University. We encourage applicants in the development of projects that include the involvement of local and regional experts in technical and scientific fields.

The resident will be selected through an open call review by a committee of Vašulka Kitchen Brno association members. Applicants should be active artists or theoreticians in the field of new media art with a genuine interest in exploring the nature of their medium in addition to the possibilities that it lends the subject of their inquiry. The VKB resident is encouraged to present their work to the professional and general public in the form of a presentation, lecture, discussion, or exhibition at the Vašulka Kitchen Brno gallery.

We will accept applications in English, Czech, or Slovak.

Brno Artists in Residence and Vašulka Kitchen Brno provides:
1. Artistic stipendium: 40 000 CZK;
2. Accommodation and studio at House of the Lords of Kunštát, Dominikánská 9, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic;
3. Available technical equipment and workshops.

The resident is obliged to:
1. To be in Brno at least 75% of time;
2. Participate on programs organized by The Brno House of Arts and Vašulka Kitchen Brno for its residents including a video interview for the purpose of raising awareness of the residency program;
3. The artist undertakes to elaborate a final report with photographic documentation from the course of the residency.

How to Apply:
Applications must include the following documents (in PDF format only please):
1) Motivational Letter of Intent explaining your reasons for applying, your expectations, and what you would like to focus on specifically during your residency (max. 3 000 characters);
2) A brief informative curriculum vitae, including contact information (max. 1 page);
3) Portfolio (max. 10 MB) For video files please provide links to your own website, or to video sharing platforms such as Vimeo, youtube, etc. Please do not send links to video file downloads.

Please note:
– Accepted candidates are required to use the residence in its full length during the following fixed periods.
– Applications will be accepted in English, Czech, and Slovak via email by: Tuesday 28 February 2023.
– Please send your application with the subject “VKB Residency Open Call 2023” to: info@vasulkakitchen.org.
– The results of the Open Call will be announced by 30 March 2023 on The Brno House of Arts website www.dum-umeni.cz and Vasulka Kitchen Brno’s www.vasulkakitchen.org and on respective social media pages (https://www.facebook.com/vasulkakitchenbrno/; https://www.facebook.com/BrnoAiR).
– Successful candidates will be contacted by email.

For more information please contact Helena Todorová at info@vasulkakitchen.org using VKB Residency Inquiry 2023 as the subject line.

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