GitHub and Hic Et Nunc

Friday 13th August, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

*Presumably Hic Et Nunc also offers a guide to GitHub.

Interactive OBJKTs
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Below is a guide to minting an interactive OBJKT.

Also check out the templates for p5.js, shaders, html, and svg.

author: @pichiste (Daniel Massey)

Hit et nunc enables you to publish web-based interactive and generative artworks by uploading a zip archive. If you’re starting on a new project, have a look at our starter templates. The following guide walks you through the process of minting your first interactive OBJKT.

Getting Started
Whether you’re starting fresh or have an existing artwork, there are some important guidelines you’ll need to follow in order to successfully mint:

Folder Structure
Put all your project files into a single folder if they are not already in one. The main file in your project needs to be called index.html. Subfolders are ok, but make sure all paths referenced in your code are relative (path/to/file.js, not /path/to/file.js).

Cover Image
Your work is required to have a cover image. This can be any image inside your project folder. In the tag of your index.html file, add the following meta tag, replacing the value of the property attribute with the relative path to your cover image…