Generated silver spoons

Thursday 16th February, 2023 - Bruce Sterling

“In 1952 Ernesto Nathan Rogers wrote that by carefully examining an object as simple as a spoon, we could understand the kind of city and society that produced it. Inspired by his words we worked together with algorithmic machines to create a spoon for our times – the Spawn collection. It’s a spoon but it is not a spoon. Spawned by machines and crafted by humans. We only made a hundred. Get one.”

It looks like a silver spoon, but it was designed with a new process that we call “Artisanal Intelligence”.

We are oio – a creative team of humans and machines. Teaming up with hypercraft designer giosampietro we designed a series of eating accessories, manufactured in one of the oldest silverware factories in Italy. That’s right, these are not just pixels but we actually went to the factory and made them out of metal.

The result is a capsule collection of three silver items, currently available to purchase in a limited edition of a hundred, until they run out of stock.

We are oio
and this is what we do — we make products and tools for a less boring future, things that you’ve never seen before. Come and visit us.