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Monday 28th June, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

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please find here an announcement for the next events in our upcoming series of online events / talks run by, association for net art & net culture Graz. The next event is up for 03. July, featuring Damjan Jovanovic. All events are free for the public, please register to get the link! More info below, see you soon in the ether!

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Open Feedback Loop

“Open Feedback Loop” is a series of talks and workshops happening as part of the project “autonomous systems” run by We present and discuss works, tools, practices and thoughts that deal with autonomy systemic and eco-systemic theories and interdependence in relation to art and technology and their underlying social and aesthetical paradigms, including contributions from different fields such as sound and digital art, game design and performative art.

The series is free and open to the public and offers an open space for inspiration for everyone interested in the field. All events are held online in „big blue button“. Please register via email; entry link is sent upon request.

Info and registration:

More info on the project and further events:

# OFL 2 – 03. July 2021, 20-21.30h Vienna time

Damjan Jovanovic

Damjan Jovanovic will present a number of his ongoing projects that explore themes such as personhood, ecology and artificial intelligence, and how their entanglement with simulations and video games brings about new ways of worldmaking. Damjan is an architect, educator and software designer. He works as a Full-Time faculty at SCI-Arc in Los Angeles.

Damjan’s work centers on the development of experimental software, and his interests lie in investigating the culture and aesthetics of software platforms, as well as questions of contemporary design education, authorship and creativity.

# OFL 3 – 13. July 2021, 19.00-20.30h Vienna time

Marta Zapparoli – Listening Into The Ether

In her talk, sound artist Marta Zapparoli talks about her work using radio waves as creative medium for sound, about the beauty of atmospheric noise, antenna-building as instrument design, technical considerations of signal sniffing and the aesthetics of radio art.


as if they were flowers

a multimodal exhibition

With the exhibition “as if they were flowers”, we conclude a year of work centered on the topic of “autonomous systems”. A group of young artists explores the boundaries of autonomy and entanglement related to the question “what / where is the autonomous self?”. The project unfolded across several iterations where discussions, ideas and artworks were generated that will be presented in an unfolding exhibition that happens both on-site in Graz and online at MozillaHubs.

project group: Alyssa Aska, Alisa Kobzar, Daniele Pozzi, Pablo Abelardo,

Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka

The on-site exhibition is open from 13.-16. July 2021 @ Kunstraum


The online exhibition will be open as part of the XCOAX conference, we will share the link in due time!

Further info:


Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka