Ecotone show at FeralFile

Monday 12th September, 2022 - Bruce Sterling


Presenting Ecotone – A Glitch Community Group Exhibition, Minted on Tezos



Primavera De Filippi, Stina Gustafsson, and Alex Estorick have curated Ecotone, the new Feral File exhibition showing the entanglements of digital and natural ecologies.

Ecotone features artists and technologists from the Glitch community:

141 editions of all eight artworks will be available for sale at a per edition price of $150. Of these editions, 70 will be initially available only in exhibition sets during the exhibition’s first twenty-four hours for $1,200 ($150 × 8 artworks).

Exhibition Opening:
September 14, 2022
15:00 UTC+0 (8am Los Angeles, 12pm São Paulo, 5pm Berlin, 11pm Shanghai)

Collecting starts one hour later

Please join us on Twitter Spaces for a conversation with the artists on September 14 at 15:00 UTC.