Design Manifestos

Tuesday 9th January, 2024 - Bruce Sterling

*That seems like plenty.


Saatchi & Saatchi (n.d.) How to survive as a Saatchi & Saatchi suit

Stefan Sagmeister (2007) Manifesto #09

Stefan Sagmeister (2008) Obsessions

Salone del Mobile (2018) Il Manifesto

Antonio Sant’Elia (1914) Manifesto of Futurist Architecture

SARK (1989) Everyone Is An Artist

Francesca Sarti / Arabeschi di Latte (2021) The Beauty of Scarcity

Peter Saville (2007) Manifesto #01

Noah Scalin (2001) Designers Against Monoculture

Scandinavian Design Council (1990) Manifesto on Nature, Ecology and Human Needs for the Future

Paul Scheerbart (1914) Glass Architecture

Patrik Schumacher (2008) Parametricism as Style: A Parametricist Manifesto

Patrik Schumacher (2018) Urban Policy Manifesto

Selce (2015) Manifesto

Richard Serra (1967-1968) Verblist

Kazuo Shinohara (1964) The Autonomy of House Design

Seth Siegelaub (1971) Artist’s Reserved Rights Transfer and Sale Agreement

Marshall L. Shorts (2017) Black Creatives’ Manifesto

Socialist Designers’ Manifesto (2001)

Space Popular (2021) Threaded Thresholds: The Fabric of Civic Teleportation

SparkPoster (2018) SPRK 001 / WHO WE ARE / 01–05–18 / A Manifesto

Albe Steiner (1971) La Coscienza del Designer

Bruce Sterling (2000) The Manifesto of January 3

St. Moritz Design Summit (2001-2003)

Rob Strasser (1977) Nike Principles

Zachary Styles (2020) Design Manifesto 2020

Subcompact Publishing (2012) A Subcompact Manifesto

Sugru The Fixer’s Manifesto 2.0

Superflux (2021)

Yuri Suzuki and Team (2021) Manifesto


Taller de Grafica Popular (1922) Manifesto of the Painters’ Union

Bruno Taut (1919) The City Crown

Bruno Taut (1920) Down with Seriousism!