“Decentralized Art” after the NFT boom

Friday 23rd December, 2022 - Bruce Sterling

*People are still making it and buying it with crypto, or, maybe more to the point, choosing to participate in it.



In September, a collaborative experiment by visual artist Tyler Hobbs and crypto-collector Dandelion Wist made headlines after raising nearly USD$17 million in sales. Titled QQL, the project invited collectors to actively contribute to the making of the artwork by selecting palettes, structures and varieties to input using their QQL algorithm. While any viewer could access the algorithm to create new and emergent outputs, only collectors of mint passes could mint works into the official QQL collection.

Curator Regina Harsanyi similarly experimented with audience co-creation in her exhibition ‘On Screen Presence’, in what she described in her curator’s note as ‘frustrated retaliation against scrolling through thumbnails of decontextualized artwork’…