Carla Gannis interview

Wednesday 9th June, 2021 - Bruce Sterling



Digital artist and early adopter of Playform Carla Gannis debuts latest VR sculpture “peep-o-rama” in new exhibit from Feral File. According to the Curator’s note by Julie Walsh, “the exhibit examines, 1) the real and (un)real in digital sculpture; 2) questions about what it means to view and collect digital sculptures; and 3) the role of NFTs in the creation of the feature artists’ work.

June 3rd, 2021

As written on for the exhibition, “Carla Gannis’s ‘peep-o-rama’ playfully examines what it has meant to gaze at a sculpture throughout the canon of art history. Inspired by one of Gannis’ vivid dreams, the piece was further informed by the Samuel van Hoogstraten (1627-1678) peep box show at the National Gallery in London….