Call for Young Makers

Thursday 25th November, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

*Might be great fun if you’re just hanging out in your parents’ garage making stuff out of used tires, melted plastic and leftover packing crates.

VILLAM with Arshake. Reinventing Technology is launching an open call for young makers (under 35) who want to take part in a major artistic operation with the opportunity to test their innovative ideas in a variety of fields, such as robotics, data research, AI, drones, nano-science recycling, with a residency in Città della Pieve. They will be in dialogue and collaboration with Quinto Sapore (Città della Pieve) where its founder, Alessandro Giuggioli, has been involved for several years in research into experimental and biodynamic agricultural techniques and is the custodian of ancient seeds for the CNR in Perugia.
It all starts from the earth, metaphorically but also materially. Quinto Sapore becomes the theatre for a transdisciplinary operation moving between the most radical agricultural practices and the most advanced technologies. The artistic operation involves young creative – makers and it is part of Game Over-Future C(o)ulture, conceived and promoted by VILLAM and realised together with the international platform Arshake ( The aim of the project is to research and study new “cultural entities”, people, objects or research from different disciplines (e.g. physics, bio-robotics, AI, agriculture, medicine) and bring these into the world of art. It is an idea that goes beyond simple interdisciplinary dialogue and becomes rather radical: a true “transplant” of research fields addressed to the preparation of future c(o)ulture, where “creativity” is equivalent to “invention” and “invention” means contributing to transformation. A spark, a sign of a genetic mutation, a change of direction, a short circuit. A different energy that also marks a change which is taking place and could constitute new lifeblood for the system of Culture.

The residencies are part of a large artistic operation aimed at reconstruction. The young selected makers will place the basis of their ideas in loco, during the residency. They will become part of an interdisciplinary team engaged in concretizing the ideas called into play, in dialogue and with the support of firms and institutions selected on a case by case basis. The young makers will be invited to give back in various forms the experience with agriculture, and with the territory to which the firm belongs to and its history.

Building a collective operation that contributes to reconstruction through an enlarging network
Setting up future projects of replicable and sustainable models linking countryside and city.
Transforming all the work involved in setting up technical and technological experiments into re-education micro-models to restore awareness between the individual, society and the ecosystem.
Rediscovering, in the course of the projects, the value of local culture which is then to be relaunched in an international exchange on a global scale

New-generation excellence researching and working in different disciplines, addressing issues related to the re-establishment of an ecological balance at all levels, from climate to socio-economic ones. All starting from the earth.
Projects from collectives, universities and companies are also welcome, represented by a young person under 35.

Systems to protect crops from unfavourable climatic conditions; AI applications for the experimental study of polycultures; robotic applications for the study of soils; and replacement technologies for pollination – these are just a few examples.
Projects that do not directly address agriculture from a technical point of view, but can rebuild contact with the earth to be developed into model projects which can be replicated in urban regeneration plans, these will also be favourably evaluated.
Preference is given to projects that are ready for implementation, but projects in progress will also be taken into consideration

Robotics and drones
Data search and AI
Recycling and design using bio-materials

To the selection of the works will contribute a jury of Italian experts. They are all active on a global scale. With a humanistic background, they have been all engaged with interdisciplinary researches at the cross between art, science, ecology and technology.

Pier Luigi Capucci (President of Noema. Fine Arts Academy of Reggio Calabria)
Valentino Catricalà (curator of Soda Gallery in Manchester and curator of the Maker Art Fair)
Alex Giordano (Federico II University in Naples. Founder of Rural Hub and Rural Hack)
Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico (artists, hactivist and theorists. Nuovo Abitare Foundation)
Fiorino Pietro Iantorno (Director Santa Chiara Lab. University of Siena)
Antonello Tolve (Art critic. Fine Arts Academy of Urbino. Director of Menna Foundation)
Stefano Velotti (Professor of Philosophy (Aesthetics) and “Senior Fellow of the Superior School of Advanced Studies” (SSAS) at “Sapienza, Università di Roma”)

The start of the residency period is planned for autumn 2022 – 23. The exact period should also be agreed on the basis of the different technical requirements of the proposed project.
Also encounters with the jury, and workshops with senior makers will be organized during the residency.

Residents receive free accommodation in Città della Pieve and a reimbursement of expenses.
They will be assigned a senior figure that will follow them (in presence or in remote) during the whole residency, and they will have the opportunity to participate to a series of meetings and workshops that will involve senior figures (selected on a case-by-case basis basis).
Send to

Personal details
Letter of Motivation
Curriculum Vitae
Porfolio (optional)

Accepted languages: Italian and English (max 100 MB. No wetransfer)
Deadline for the submissions is January 15, 2022
Info at
Call of ideas 5.0 is the first of a series of calls that will be launched in the frame of 3 years and it is part of the larger project GAME OVER. Future C(o)ulture, curated by Anita Calà and Elena Giulia Rossi, proposted and promoted by VILLAM and realized with Arshake (