Bizarre GPT simulation experiments

Sunday 4th December, 2022 - Bruce Sterling

*Is it April Fools’ Day in December? How is this even possible?


So, ChatGPT seems to understand how filesystems work, how files are stored and can be retrieved later. It understands that linux machines are stateful, and correctly retrieves this information and displays it.

What else do we use computers for. Programming!

That is correct! How about computing the first 10 prime numbers:

That is correct too!

I want to note here that this codegolf python implementation to find prime numbers is very inefficient. It takes 30 seconds to evaluate the command on my machine, but it only takes about 10 seconds to run the same command on ChatGPT. So, for some applications, this virtual machine is already faster than my laptop.

Is this machine capable of running docker files? Let’s make a docker file, run it, and display Hello from Docker from inside the docker file….