Banzi interview

Friday 21st October, 2022 - Bruce Sterling

*There’s always someone who needs to know the story for the first time.



HT: How has the company grown? How many people work for you?

Massimo Banzi: There are 152, I think right now. And so it’s a lot of people. We are spread out in different countries. We have a big office in Torino, Italy where we do a lot of r&d. We have an office in Malmo, Sweden, where we mostly do stuff for schools and integration. We have a smaller group in Switzerland, where I work and live, and then we have people in the US.

HT: How much is the revenue of the company?

Massimo Banzi: We don’t disclose that, but you can imagine that with 152 people, it reads to be significant.

HT: How do you come up with a new project? Is it like an internal process or do you look at what is the need in the market?…