Artificial Aesthetics: A Critical Guide to AI, Media and Design

Sunday 23rd January, 2022 - Bruce Sterling

Chapter 1:

Emanuele Arielli. Chapter 1 – Even an AI could do that. Published December 15, 2021

Chapter 2:

Lev Manovich. Chapter 2 – Who is an artist in software era? Published January 18, 2022.

Book info:

Lev Manovich and Emanuele Arielli. Artificial Aesthetics: A Critical Guide to AI, Media and Design. 2021-2022.

Book Preface:

Suppose you are a designer, an architect, a photographer, a video maker, a musician, a writer, an artist, or a professional or student in any other creative field. Or perhaps you are a digital creator making content in multiple media.You may be wondering how AI will affect your professional area in general and your work and career. This book does not aim to predict the future or tell you exactly what will happen. Instead, we want to offer you a set of intellectual tools to help you better navigate any changes that may come along. 

These tools come from several different fields: aesthetics, philosophy of art and psychology of art (Emanuele), and media theory, digital culture studies, and data science (Lev). As far as we know, our book is the first to bring together all these different perspectives in thinking about creative AI.

We started the work on the book in summer 2019, exchanging numerous messages, commenting on each other ideas, and sharing drafts of sections. The final book is a result of this process. Although each chapter is written by one author, it reflects the discussions we had over 27 months.The book is released one chapter at a time on,, and

Lev Manovich and Emanuele Arielli, November 2021

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