Ars Electronica designs ESA Space Pavilion

Thursday 22nd June, 2023 - Bruce Sterling

(Linz/Paris, 22.6.2023) The “Salon International de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace” (SIAE) in Paris, Le Bourget is one of the world’s largest and most renowned fairs for the aerospace industry. This time, 2,453 international exhibitors present products and innovations on 125,000 square meters, including the European Space Agency, or ESA for short. The Space Pavilion presents the central tasks and missions of the European Space Agency and was co-designed by Ars Electronica Solutions. The presentation combines interactive elements, artifacts, light and sound, and offers visitors an experience that’s as exciting as it is informative. The Paris International Air Show will run from June 19 to 25 and will initially be open to nearly 150,000 trade visitors, then to the general public starting on June 23.

Space Pavilion

From “Enabling and Support” (technology, engineering and quality, operations and space transportation) to “Science and Exploration” (human and robotic exploration, space science) and “Applications” (earth observation, navigation and connectivity, and secure communications) to “Space Safety” – the Space Pavilion provides insights into the cosmos of the European Space Agency.

The “Science Experience” designed by the Ars Electronica Solutions team interactively presents all current and future missions. Visitors create and experience colorful worlds of light and sound that culminate in a central element that stands for the ESA’s future ambitions. The highlight is a line animation that moves permanently through the room and is used as a programmed educational tool.

All of the commissioned works that Ars Electronica Solutions develops and implements for the ESA have the goal of staging knowledge transfer as immersive experiences that appeal to a broad public, arouse interest in complex topics and convey the importance of scientific research for our society and future….