Arduino automated work bench

Wednesday 28th July, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

*This gentleman’s artisanal-electronic custom work bench is so intense that it got its own article in IEEE Spectrum.

*You may note that the bench is specialized for creating makertainment videos of the assembly process, with lighting, camera mounts and so forth.

As an avid experimenter and builder of random contraptions—and who isn’t the best at putting his tools away and normally has multiple projects in various stages of completion—I often run out of work space. So I decided to build a new workbench. One that would be better, not just because it was bigger but because it would be smarter. A bench that could automatically assist me in getting things done!


As it turns out, I can’t leave well enough alone. The initial tweaks were small. To enhance the bench’s storage, I added magnets on which to hang various tools, and augmented my existing storage cases with 3D-printed dividers. Then I added an eyebolt for my air compressor—a fabulous tool for its roughly US $40 price—to keep it at the ready for blowing off excess material. Toward the back of the bench rests a hot-air gun and a soldering station, as well as my bag of other electrical tools….