Another book on the future of media

Wednesday 13th April, 2022 - Bruce Sterling

*Maybe it’s the greatest such book ever (among a great many)!  There’s one way to find out.


Dear All,


We have the pleasure to let you know about the publication of our book, The Future of Media, coedited by Goldsmiths Media and myself, which has just come out from Goldsmiths Press.


Here is the book’s description:


How do we combat post-truth in the news? Are social media influencers the journalists of today? What is it like to live in a smart city? Does AI really change ‘everything’? The Future of Media investigates the future of media industries and technologies (journalism, TV, film, photography, radio, publishing, social media), while exploring how media shape our future – on a political, economic, cultural and individual level. Issues of diversity, media reform, labour, activism and art take the discussion into a wider social context. Through this, the book celebrates the importance and vitality of media in the modern world. The Future of Media is also an experiment in collaborative modes of thinking and working. Co-authored by theorists and practitioners from one of the world’s most established media departments and their collaborators, it offers a radical, creative and critical take on media industries – and on world affairs.


An open-access version of the book can be downloaded from the GRO repository [click on the download button]:


If you like the book, we hope you will be able to support Goldsmiths Press by ordering a paper copy for yourself and/or your library, via their distributor, MIT Press:


The book also has a companion website, featuring practice works engaging with the future of media:



Joanna & Colleagues


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