An actual painting show

Sunday 23rd October, 2022 - Bruce Sterling

*Here at Share Festival, we don’t do a lot about oil on canvas, but we sympathize.


Artuner is pleased to present Seasons in the City, a group exhibition presenting new artworks by Marcus Cope, Ana Elisa Egreja, Keita Morimoto, and Shaqúelle Whyte at the Palazzo Capris in Turin. The exhibition will open on November 3rd and run through the 7th alongside Artissima. Seasons in the City referencesMarcovaldo: The Seasons in the City, a collection of short stories by Italian author Italo Calvino. Taking place in Turin, the book narrates the misadventures of a workman. Themes of magical realism stream throughout and influence all four artists, capturing the timeless experience of urbanism and the private sphere of the home. Drawing from childhood memories to everyday objects, the artists’ works offer reflections and meditations on daily life and the creation of identity.

Marcus Cope is a London-based painter who draws from personal memories and weaves them with elements of the uncanny. Unbridled in their extrapolations of internal logic, the paintings can be understood as contemporary mythologies, where family figures become creatures, heads become eggs, and beds of flowers become pools. Objects and subjects are juxtaposed in new environments, coalescing the comfort and uneasiness of remembering into his compositions, like a set from a contemporary fable.

Ana Elisa Egreja is a Brazilian painter, whose works invite the viewer to immerse within the magical realism of her interiorscapes. In this new series, Egreja narrows the focus on the shared space of the dining table.Egreja’s exploration of the domestic environment highlights the mundane, but fine practice of collectables, in this case, Chinese plates from the Yongzheng Dynasty. In this series of paintings, Ana Elisa Egreja introduces the point of view of consumption for the animals, as well as for the people.

Keita Morimoto is a Japanese artist based in Tokyo, who engages with topics of magic realism and Foucault’s concept of heterotopic spaces. In his paintings, Morimoto explores the tension between the mechanics of digital picture-making and the classical painting technique of the old masters. The artist works from a digital archive of photos he took while wandering around late at night, juxtaposing them and imposing them with figures. People become vessels in Morimoto’s art, carrying a profound detachment and assimilation to the urban environment.

Shaqúelle Whyte is a London-based figurative painter. The beautifully imaginative and fluid cosmos of Shaqúelle paintings are invitations into the intimate domestic scenes, exploring topics of gaze, identities, and visibility. Shaqúelle draws inspiration from personal memories, using colour to punctuate and create dreamlike movements in which figures, objects, and architectural elements intertwine. The suspension of clear demarcation of time and close cropping of the subject matter, along with the rich attention to the object and interior details, creates a dense pictorial language in which subject and subtext effortlessly meld as the body is bound to its environment.

Marcus Cope (b. 1980 Bath, UK) lives and works in London. Cope studied at Chelsea College, receiving his Master of Arts. Solo presentations of his work include Darren Flook in London (2023), Silver Linings at PEER in London (2022), In the Balance, Etc, at Galerie Barbara Thumm produced digitally (2020), and MOONLIGHTING at studio1.1 in London (2018). Along with presentations in group shows, Home and Unhome at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in Chongqing, China (2020), and All My Friends at Right Behind The New Museum in New York (2018).

Keita Morimoto (b. 1990 Osaka, Japan) lives and works in Tokyo and studied at OCAD University in Toronto, where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts. Solo presentations of his work include In Between Shadows at ATM Gallery in New York City (2022), The Nightwatcher, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Toronto (2014), After Dark at KOTARONUKGA in Tokyo (2022), and shows at Nicholas Metivier Gallery in Toronto (2022, 2020, 2018, and 2016).

Shaqúelle Whyte (b. 2000 Wolverhampton, UK) lives and works in London and studied at UCL Slade School of Fine Art in London for his Bachelor of Fine Arts, and is currently part of a Master’s program at the Royal College of Art. Solo presentations of his work include Show stopper at Saatchi Gallery in London (2022). Along with the presentation in group shows, What now at PM/AM gallery in London (2022), Dandelionworks on paper show at Delphian Gallery in Basel (2022)

Ana Elisa Egreja (b. 1983 São Paulo, Brazil) lives and works in São Paulo and studied at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado. Solo exhibitions of hers have been held at Fabulações at Museu de Arte Moderna da Bahia (2019) at Salvador, Bahia; Fazer Realidade (2021) at Galeria Leme, São Paulo. Group exhibitions of hers include Histórias Brasileiras, now at MASP (2022); Lost and Found Paradis by Artuner in Paris (2019), Crossing the Borders of Photography, Somerset House by Artuner in London (2019).

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November 3 – 7
Open from 10:30 – 18:30

Palazzo Capris, Via Santa Maria 1, 10122 Torino