Amazon’s game engine goes open-source: O3DE

Wednesday 7th July, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

*They wanted to make hugely profitable proprietary games and couldn’t do that, because making hit games is a lot harder than Jeff Bezos thought it was.

*However, now “Lumberyard” is open-source.

Amazon shifts Lumberyard to open source 3D game engine supported by 20 companies


Major features of the Open 3D Engine include a new multi-threaded photorealistic renderer, an extensible 3D content editor, a data-driven character animation system, and a node-based visual scripting tool. Developers can build games and new engine features on top of O3DE’s component-based architecture, which enables components of the engine to be used together or independently. Developers will have the flexibility of authoring code with C++, LUA, and Python, while animators, technical artists, level designers, and other content creators can work directly with O3DE’s built-in authoring tools to create 3D experiences.

The Open 3D Foundation and Open 3D Engine Project will enable developers to collaborate on building games and simulations as well as the underlying engine. It includes a Governing Board focused on business and budget decisions and a Technical Steering Committee dedicated to technical strategy and community management.

The Project is organized into Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that include: Build/Dev Pipeline; Simulation Engine; Content Creation; Network & Cloud; Presentation; Documentation/Demo; Release; Security; and Testing. The O3DE community welcomes contributions from all cloud providers, gaming companies, and industries to advance the project.

*”Amazon Lumberyard” is now calling itself “Open 3d Engine.”