Allegedly better blogging with ChatGPT

Monday 23rd January, 2023 - Bruce Sterling

*I’m hearing more and more of the likes of this. Probably because ChatGPT is making it up.

*I don’t expect the Artmaker blog to get much “better,” at least, not by the standards described here.

Better Blogging with ChatGPT

Can you really use ChatGPT to write better blogs? First we need to define what we mean by “better.” For our purposes, a better blog post will have a clickbait title, have a killer topic sentence, incorporate every possible keyword and keyphrase that might help win “the box” on Google, and then, and only then, be informative, enlightening, and entertaining.

Is ChatGPT up to the task? No. Not by itself. But I wasn’t ready to take no for an answer, so I started experimenting. I decided to try a combination of tools to see if the AI-assisted work product would outperform my purely original work. Unsurprisingly, the work done in partnership with my AI-coworker outperformed work I did alone. Here’s the process. Read more….