Adam Savage (endlessly) battling chaos

Wednesday 20th December, 2023 - Bruce Sterling

*He says these guru homilies over and over again, but he’s actually getting better at it.

*Also, I listen to him a lot, and I recognize chaos better when I see it now. I don’t always clean it, because my unconscious mind seems to need a lot of options open in untidy ways, but I recogmize it as chaos and I know how to deal with it. Especially, when I know a project is done and I know I won’t be in that space for quite a while, I’ve become good (by my standards) at putting things away.

*Why? Not for the sake of tidiness as a virtue, but because I’m doing my future self a favor. I want and need to get to work; it sidetracks me if I have to deal with the abandoned debris of earlier work.