Adam Savage and his zombie apocalypse tools

Wednesday 5th June, 2024 - Bruce Sterling

*You will never be involved in a “zombie apocalypse.”

*People who have been in civilian fights with other human beings often claim that improvised tools, like, say, a crowbar, are a wise choice in a fight. They’re of less use in a fight than well-designed weapons, but they’re much more useful in the police station or the law-court, afterwards.

*If you lose the fight, you’re going to the grave or the hospital. But if you win the fight and the other guys go to the grave or the hospital, chances are ominously high that you’re going to prison. You want to wallop the enemy with a crowbar, golf club, etc, and then you can say, “Your Honor, I’m not an aggressor who goes prepared for bloodshed! I was unarmed!”